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Programs and Initiatives


Programs Awarded Dollars for the 2021/2022 Funding Cycle


Individuals and Families becoming Financially Stable 




Individuals and Families Living a Healthy Lifestyle


Children and Youth Achieving their Potential












In addition, United Way of Mason County is providing leadership and funding to help support the following collaborative initiatives:

Housing Assistance

TrueNorth Community Services

Critical Home Repair

Habitat for Humanity of Mason County

Mason County Food Assistance

Lakeshore Food Club

Healthy Families America

Young Parent Program

Catholic Charities West Michigan

Athletic Program 

Mason County Eastern School District

Youth Outreach

Staircase Youth Services



and Referrals

Lakeshore Employer Resource Network of Mason County 

Mason County

Family Link

lern png.png

Blindness Rehabilitation

Association for the Blind

and Visually Impaired

Outreach & Assistance

Ludington Area

Senior Center

Domestic Violence Assistance


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