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Strategic Plan

United Way of Mason County is committed to excellence and accountability as demonstrated through measurable results and lasting change. In 2021, the Board of Directors updated the strategic plan with input from staff members. This included revising the organization's mission, values and vision to better define what we do and what we hope to achieve. This plan is a flexible, living document that will guide the organization over the next 3 years...


The long-range goals have been grouped into three categories, as follows:

Funding:  Diversify United Way of Mason County’s revenue stream. 

Partnerships:  Work collaboratively* to develop long-term measurable solutions to Mason County’s most complex social issues in the areas of education, financial stability and healthy lifestyles.  

*For the purpose of this goal, “collaboratively” is defined as having shared responsibility and decision making, along with shared outcomes. 

Awareness:  Increase awareness and understanding of United Way of Mason County’s brand proposition, utilizing a strategic and disciplined approach.   

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