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The Lakeshore Employer Resource Network of Mason County (L.E.R.N.)  is a collaborative initiative between United Way of Mason County, Pennies from Heaven Foundation, Department of Health and Human Services, Michigan Work! West Central and 11 member companies.  The participating companies employ a combined total of approximately 17% of Mason County's workforce and include Brill Manufacturing Company, ChangeParts, Floracraft, Great Lakes Castings, House of Flavors, Kaines West Michigan, Metalworks, Spectrum Health Ludington, UACJ Automotive - Whitehall Industries, West Shore Bank, and Western Land Services. 


The services provided through L.E.R.N. include providing a Resource Coach who works on-site at each of the member companies.  Her primary role is to assist employees in removing barriers that may prevent an employee from being successful in the work place.  This may include helping employees to navigate the health and human service system, obtain housing, locate child care, manage finances and more.

In addition to providing an on-site Resource Coach, L.E.R.N. also provides a loan savings program and educational training to the employees of the member companies.


During the first six months of the fiscal year, April 1 to September 30, 2018,  L.E.R.N. has seen positive results as follows:

  • 81% of the employees who received assistance retained their job.

  • 39% of the total delivered services to employees were in the area of requesting assistance was in the areas of financial management/literacy and housing.

  • 47 employees received need-based loans to assist them in meeting a financial need. 

  • 70% of employees are seeking out the Resource Coach on their own. 

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