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United Way of Mason County has always strived towards collaboration with local organizations and nonprofits in Mason County. Because of this mission, we were uniquely situated to reach out to the Community Foundation for Mason County, Pennies from Heaven Foundation and private businesses to fund and create the Mason County COVID-19 Relief Grant to help nonprofit service organizations and individuals and families who were directly affected by COVID-19 and the subsequent shut down.  

This grant is awarded to local nonprofits who have been impacted by an increase in cost or a decrease in funding. To date, the Mason County COVID-19 Relief Grant has awarded over $108,000 dollars to local organizations, with the majority of funds being awarded to organizations that assist individuals and families with meeting basic needs, food, housing, utilities, transportation, internet connectivity and much more. This fund has also funded personal protective equipment needs, costs associated with housing a COVID-19 screening tent and providing shelter for individuals that were diagnosed with COVID-19 and were unable to safely self-isolate in their home.

In addition to this, funds have also been awarded to local school districts to assist with the added expenses of delivering food to students, as well as back to school supplies. This fund has also supported local families that were impacted by the pandemic by funding holiday help programs at four of the school districts in our county.

To date, this fund has successfully impacted over 2,300 Mason County residents. 



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