The Early Childhood Community Coordination initiative is a partnership between the Great Start Collaborative of Mason, Lake and Oceana counties and United Way of Mason County. The Early Childhood Community Coordinator (ECCC) has built relationships with childcare providers, early childhood educators, and social service agencies to increase the completion of developmental screening in children birth through five. Through the relationship with the ECCC, community partners have an increased understanding of the importance of developmental screening. Partners use this tool to catch possible developmental delays and social-emotional concerns. The ECCC provides training on administering developmental screening and how to make referrals. The earlier the intervention, the more likely the child will be ready to learn and succeed in school.


Additionally, we have launched ASQ Enterprise, a shared online database for developmental screening. The ECCC has recruited partners to enter data into the system, to better understand and respond to the needs of our community’s children and families. As of May, 2019, 171 screenings have been entered in ASQ Enterprise.  


Since August, 2018, the ECCC has led four trainings on developmental screening with 79 participants total.


Additionally, the Early Childhood Community Coordination Initiative strives to support childcare providers, particularly within the framework of shared services.

Lori Bunker

Help Me Grow Care Coordinator


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